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Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2006 | As a Bay Park resident who lives near a park which is not legally leash free, I have come to enjoy the daily shouting and hand clapping (starting at 6:30 am) of the law breaking dog owners calling for “Chopper,” “Cody” and “Doctor” who wander about without a leash. One writer does not like the city provided and maintained leash free areas except Fiesta Island. Since it is all free for the canines and their owners, I have to wonder why not. In Golden Hill an entire over 5 acre neighborhood park (Grape Street) was given to the dogs at the urging of Toni Atkins. At a conservative million dollars per acre for the land, this was at least a $5 million doggy gift. Why are dog owners complaining about anything? They are treated better than children who use Tot Lots and all other park patrons.

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