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Monday, Aug. 28, 2006 | Scott Lewis tells an interesting story about his German great grandmother coming to America. Most of us have wonderful stories about our forefathers. It is interesting that his, followed the laws of the U.S. and did not break into America. It is truly a shame that his family chose to split up. I would hope that today we would not ask a family to make that decision. A lot of immigrants come in parts of a family, first one family member then more, many follow the rules. We have a great need for many more immigrants, not for settling a wild frontier, but to provide labor in a country with almost full employment. Most of us want to welcome legal immigrants; I don’t want to send home folks whom have been here, raising families, working in the marketplace, following our countries laws. I don’t want someone who has broken laws when they have been here, I want them to get heath insurance, I want them to do well in school, I want them to get paid a fair wage.

If you have been paying taxes, great. We need immigration reform, we need a secure border, we need to have new immigrants assimilate to our culture, with the addition of the good traditions from their homeland. We have real problems in our schools, just look at the latest test scores. Our healthcare system is a mess; those of us with health insurance pay high premiums. Those costs are high because we are supplementing those whom don’t have insurance and don’t pay for services received. Emergency rooms are full of folks seeking care, many should have gone to a private practice doctor, but there you have to pay. If you go to the emergency room with a broken ankle, plan on a long wait, there are crowds ahead of you. One of my Great-great-grandfathers was an English sailor, on a stop to one of our eastern ports, he was “shanghaied” in to the American Navy. That’s how he became an American, after that he chose to stay.

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