It doesn’t take long to attract public comments with a blog, especially when you discuss a hot issue.

A poster asked me to elaborate on my initial disclosure. I have no financial interest in a new airport, regardless of its location. I’m not a real estate developer, and my firm doesn’t work for the building or development industry, or any industry associated with the airport, the aviation industry or the military-industrial defense complex.

I also don’t own any property in San Diego County other than my home. And I’m not getting paid to advocate for this issue or to act as a consultant. I just believe this is an important issue for the future of this region and it deserves our attention.

As for the choice between bankruptcy or more taxes, it’s too early to tell. Let’s see the appetite in that pension fund “black hole.”

Later this morning I’ll comment on the EDC meeting, other transportation issues (where you’ll learn more about my role in transportation), and a few other topics if time permits.


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