Friday, Sept. 15, 2006 | Today we’ve been seeing a decent boost in southerly swell as NW wind swell’s been dropping off. The weekend is looking a tad smaller, but some surf will still prevail as we get our first offshore event of the season. We’re still on track for that sizeable southern hemi swell that starts Tuesday, and it looks like we’ll have some NW ground swell in the mix next week as well. We also now have some southern hemi ground swell on the charts for the 25th-26th.

Right now, the California Buoy is checking in at 5 feet with 9-second periods. Closer to the coast, the Half Moon Bay buoy is at 6 feet with 7-second periods and Cape San Martin buoy is at 7 feet with 8-second periods.

While these outer water, northern indicators show primarily NW energy, buoys around SoCal waters are showing a fair amount of SW swell with 2.8-3.3 foot seas having 14-16 second periods.

Overall, the swell energy in the water shows southerly periods averaging 14-16 seconds from 180-190 degrees and NW periods running a short 9 seconds from a steep 315-320 degrees.

In SoCal, wave heights have been running waist to chest high + at most south facing breaks with some occasional pluses at standouts pushing above shoulder high. West facing breaks have been seeing waist to chest high peakier sets.

Northern California and the Central Coast have been seeing chest to head high surf at most west facing breaks. South facing breaks have been running waist to at times chest high.

The tide is not too much of an issue right now. Our next noticeable tidal swing though will occur by the middle of next week as we approach a New Moon on the 22nd…[more]

Water temperatures are averaging 69 degrees in San Diego, 67 in Orange County, 66 in LA, 62 in Ventura County, 64 in Santa Barbara, 59 along the central coast, and 56 degrees in NCal.

Winds as of noon were expectedly onshore, howling to 22 mph in NCal and 12-15 around SoCal. The gradients are starting to shift towards an offshore flow, which will affect this weekend. This event will…[more]

Remnant SW is accented by offshores this weekend…[more]

Sizeable SW swell on tap early next week…[more]

Some NW ground swell on tap next week as well…[more]

Tracking southern hemi swell for the 25th-26th…[more]

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