If the Chargers want to convince people they need a new stadium, they really need the TV guys to stop saying things like this gem John Madden threw out during Sunday night’s game against the Steelers:

I remember this as a brand new stadium. When I was at San Diego State, they were building this. I still think it’s a heck of a stad … uh … it’s a heck of a football field. This field could be the best field in the NFL.

Al Michaels: One of the few stadiums in the country that’s hosted both the Super Bowl and the World Series.

Madden, of course, was the defensive coordinator for the Aztecs in the 1960s. Of course, Madden did stop before he said it was a “heck of a stadium.” He only said “stad…” and then he just said it was a “heck of a field.” But he had been talking about the stadium, and then Al Michaels was talking about the stadium.

Either he just likes that green San Diego grass, or Madden, god forbid, uttered a bit of a compliment for the facility the Chargers can’t wait to leave.


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