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Monday, Oct. 16, 2006 | Recently, the Union-Tribune ran an article regarding the Manchester Grand Pacific Project headlined: “Decision on Navy complex delayed” and subtitled “New snag threatens to derail the project.” Please allow me to suggest a clarification. The only thing that is delaying the project is the project itself. Delays that result from decisions that are required because of the flaws in the project are not “threats.” They are manifestations of the ill-considered components and obscene size of the Pacific Gateway Project. Had the Pacific Gateway Project been a reasonable proposal that adhered to the spirit and intent of the entitlements, there would be no delay. Manchester Vice President Perry Dealy is quoted as saying “Now we’re just going to be vulnerable,” which is only half true. They’re vulnerable all right. But not because of the process. No. They’re “vulnerable” because of the project.

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