Monday, Oct. 16, 2006 | I would like to apologize to Dianne Parham and recognize that she is correct. I did not specify at the beginning of my previous letter that I am an elected volunteer on the Board of Directors of MEA. Those who know me have heard me speak at City Council or have read previous letters I have posted here and elsewhere. I am proud of who I am and never hesitate to let people know of my involvement in my union. I have never tried to deceive anyone or conceal who I am. Does my position as an elected volunteer lessen the value of what I believe to be true, concerning the state of unions in this country? I believe in a collective defense against exploitation. Elected by MEA members in my department, it is my duty to speak up in defense of their benefits and wages. I also feel a responsibility to defend those battered into timidity by the current politics in the city of San Diego. I appreciate your interest.

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