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Monday, Oct. 16, 2006 | In Monday morning’s Union-Tribune article, “Officials upset by axing of swim club,” Councilman Jim Madaffer expressed surprise that angry constituents confronted him about Mayor Sanders’ termination of the “city’s ‘blue level’ swim program.” His surprise is understandable, since there are so many other issues about which his constituents should be angry.

In interest of time and space, it is best to just note the high points: voting to under fund the pension, while increasing the retiree benefits; voting to over charge residential sewer customers (who could forget “Let ’em sue us?”); voting to put a road through a park (Fox Canyon); wanting to put who-knows-what in a redevelopment area that no one – except the City Council – considers blighted (Grantville); spending 21 percent more than his budget mostly to promote Grantville redevelopment, partly by creating a patronage position for a political ally; and, of course, being found negligent – possibly criminally so – by the Kroll investigators.

On second thought, he should not have been surprised that the swimmers blamed him.

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