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There’s an interesting website with a test about transportation and infrastructure issues that just covers the basics. Frankly, I think you can guess the right answers by using common sense but take the test yourself, it only takes a couple of minutes. I know that some people believe that we can’t build our way out of the traffic mess, and it may be true. But if you travel north through the I-5/805 merge, you know what a difference the recently completed extra lanes have made to ease your evening commute. But the problem is that you just can’t add lanes, you have to think about mass transit through the high-density corridors and you need to think ‘in the vertical’, in other words, tunnels or overpasses where appropriate.

Of course, all this focus is on moving people; movings goods – the products we produce and consume – is just as important because it’s part of our economic lifeblood.

But why do we even care about all this transportation stuff? It’s expensive and takes too long to build anyway. Well, a short Op-Ed piece in the Oct. 26 U-T by a well respected academic, Professor John Kasarda, spells out the answer. You can find it here as an outsider gives his view on our airport’s importance to San Diego’s long term future.

Just a little food for thought.


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