Friday, Nov. 3, 2006 | In response to Parke Troutman’s article I must say I am never surprised when someone that feeds from the public trough is against Proposition 90. He just got his doctorate in 2004, so my guess is that he hasn’t had a lot of real life education. I’ll attempt to enlighten him.

Proposition 90 is strong and restrictive because it has to be. Property ownership is a basic constitutional right. Home and business owners need Proposition 90 to protect themselves from the whims of their local governments. Unless you have had direct experience with the process and reasoning behind many of the eminent domain cases, you will be under the false assumption that it is a difficult procedure and ultimately fair.

Grantville is a good example. Councilman Jim Madaffer apparently woke up one day and decided his vision for Grantville was superior to those who actually live and create businesses in that area. This from a man who is on the public dole, lined up for a hefty pension an benefits he voted for himself, the Colleen Windsor scandal, can’t stay within a budget, wastewater scandal, the list goes on. All this after filing at least one bankruptcy and having his water shut off for nonpayment.

Putting Grantville on the auction block for developers was a rather simple process. Declare the area blighted. You would think that would be difficult if you stand at Friars Road and Mission Gorge watching the booming business activity. Not so. All you have to do is give minimal public notice (most of the people in that area do not know it has been declared blighted even today), have an Orange County company take a few pictures of irregularly shaped parcels containing a building over 30 years old with an exposed dumpster and BINGO! Blighted and ripe for the taking! All that remains is getting the City Council to rubber stamp (except Councilwoman Frye) your plan. It’s difficult for the property owners to fight those with unlimited resources and a “Let ’em sue” mentality.

Mr. Troutman seems to dismiss property ownership as a quaint, sentimental idea. Our forefathers must be spinning in their graves.

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