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Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2006 | I would like to commend Rob Davis for his work covering the airport issue as well but I’ve come to a different conclusion than “Opposed to Prop A.”

The SDCRAA was mandated to find a site-not a detailed plan! Obviously you did not read the SDCRAA’s detailed report. If you did you would know that Miramar is the only location left in San Diego that would support a new regional airport.

Handing the SDCRAA over to a bunch of bumbling idiots like SANDAG will ensure that San Diego will never see a new airport (but there will be a few more studies) as well as the eventual deterioration of Lindbergh Field-SANDAG can’t be trusted with anybody’s money.

So, if Prop A fails today I can only say, “Congratulations San Diego.” You have just handed Miramar and all of its 23,000 acres over to the developers. I hope you enjoy the 250,000+ homes and strip malls and of course the 500,000+ cars and trucks that will take gridlock to a new level.

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