Monday, Nov. 13, 2006 | It is the Union-Tribune’s loss that they don’t have James Goldsborough anymore. The U-T’s opinion page is far less balanced without him (and Neil Morgan). The U-T forced Goldsborough into resigning and outright fired Morgan. Goldsborough consistently and courageously wrote hard-hitting pieces against the administration, at a time when the mainstream press and broadcasting were fervent cheerleaders for the fatally flawed Bush policies. The nation’s newspapers, like the U-T and the L.A. Times, don’t have to look far to know why they’re failing. Their Bush-whipped publishers get rid of their best and brightest because these writers, like Goldsborough and Robert Scheer, had the guts to speak out. America’s too few truth-telling journalists had a lot to do with what happened Nov. 7, 2006. American journalism and America’s people owe you a big debt, Mr. Goldsborough.

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