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Xema Jacobson is out at the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.

Jacobson, who was appointed to her executive board committee seat by former Gov. Gray Davis, was notified today that she would not be reappointed. She cleaned out her desk this afternoon.

But who’s filling her spot isn’t known.

Jacobson, one of two board members to vote against the failed Miramar ballot proposal, was allowed to serve 60 days beyond her term’s Dec. 4 expiration.

“It was a long shot,” Jacobson said. “Knowing that I was appointed by the former governor, and it was a different party, that was a long shot. But I thought if I didn’t try for the reappointment, I’d regret it.”

Jacobson said she did not know whether her vote against the Miramar proposal played a role in her dismissal.

“Regardless of that, I did what I thought was right when it came to the language in the proposition,” she said. “I did what I felt was the right thing to do, and I’ll never regret that.”


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