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Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2007 | So Jerry Sanders is running for mayor again. He announces his ambition to a small group of movers and shakers two weeks ago at the Town and Country Resort owned by the heftiest Republican political donor in San Diego, C. Terry Brown.

Subsequently, he sheds his kind uncle image and turns into an attack dog berating the City Council for supporting open government and public participation.

Let no San Diegan be in doubt, Jerry Sanders is the paid-for employee of his fat cat supporters: the same developers, hotel owners, utility companies and hospitality industry leaders that gave us Dick Murphy.

The last thing on Sanders’ mind is the San Diego public. He is drunk with the celebrity and money his position brings. He must be if he thinks he can win re-election.

He is a good example of why San Diego is still a small town and not the great city it should be.

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