Friday, Feb. 9, 2007 | Paul Scott is correct that Supervisor Ron Roberts cast one of the eight votes, under ex-Gov. Davis, to kill the EV1 and other Battery Electric Vehicles.

Roberts, with the majority of the Board, had been told that auto makers were going to produce fuel cell cars. It was an unpleasant surprise when auto makers crushed almost all the EVs; Paul Scott’s group,, helped save the few RAV4-EV that are left.

Let’s hope that Roberts votes to hold auto makers to the Zero Emission Vehicle (“ZEV”) in future votes, for example, to force GM to build its proposed VOLT, using existing Nickel Metal Hydride (“NiMH”) batteries still in use on the RAV4-EV.

Recent USC studies show that living close to freeways permanently stunts lung growth in kids. It’s the exhaust, not the freeway, and the only remedy is ZEV cars that don’t dump these emissions into kids’ lungs.

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