Monday, March 5, 2007 | The type of electronic medical records described in the current article have been common-place in most hospitals for many years. It is not the electronic medical records that prevents errors, or makes for excellent care. It is the quality of the physicians and nurses caring for the patients, and the ability of those physicians and nurses to receive the support they need to provide a Center of Excellence to administer excellent care.

Receiving medications is important, but the quality of the people providing the care is more important.

I hope that the San Diego VA Hospital has access to the finest physicians and facilities to provide excellent care. The current national discussions about the quality of military medicine for the troops of the United States military certainly raises questions. All of the electronic medical records won’t correct the problems we are now reading about. All of the electronic medical records won’t provide the diverse excellent personal and complex equipment that is necessary to care for all types of complex medical problems.

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