Reuters is reporting that the special agent in charge of the FBI’s San Diego office was warned not to offer any more opinions on former U.S. Attorney Carol Lam’s dismissal, after initially saying that he guaranteed “politics is involved.”

According to the wire story:

Carol Lam, who helped win the 2005 political corruption conviction of then-U.S. Republican Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham of California, was among seven prosecutors fired on December 7.

On January 13, the San Diego Union-Tribune quoted Dan Dzwilewski, head of FBI’s San Diego office, as saying Lam was crucial to ongoing investigations. “I guarantee politics is involved,” he was quoted saying.

Feinstein said her chief counsel had called the FBI’s San Diego office to verify the accuracy of the story. She said the office confirmed it was true “but they also said they’d been warned to say no more.”

Mueller said he had heard about the article and followed up.

“Well, my understanding is that our chief out there believes he was misquoted (and) … that our investigations were continuing, without any diminishment,” he said.


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