Here is the criminal complaint City Attorney Mike Aguirre filed against Sunroad Enterprises Vice President Tom Story.

The complaint includes nine misdemeanor counts against Story charging him with violating the municipal law that prevents former officials from lobbying within a year of leaving the government or from working on a project they oversaw while a city employee.

Aguirre claims Story began working for Sunroad shortly after he stepped down as chief of staff to Former Mayor Dick Murphy in July 2005 (although he continued to receive pay through November). Further, Aguirre contends Story played had influence over the Sunroad Centrum building near Montgomery Field airport while at the city.

Pamela Naughton, Story’s attorney, said the city rule exempts Story because his communication with the city was over ministerial actions relating to the development.

She said Story worked with General Dynamics, which owned the land in Kearney Mesa where Centrum now stands, on an unrelated plan to set aside land for habitat conservation. Sunroad wasn’t part of those discussions, she said.

Story’s arraignment is slated for May 1.


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