Tuesday, April 10, 2007 | City Attorney Mike Aguirre could be regarded as well meaning (I say could), but the Sunroad debacle is a perfect example of his quixotic, attention-grabbing style. And what has he accomplished, other than making himself (and, unfortunately, the judge who issued the warrant) look stupid? How much closer would we have been to a more transparent analysis and a quicker resolution of the pension mess if Mike wasn’t out there with the paddy wagon looking to put high-profile people in jail, rather than working methodically to collect a comprehensive body of information and then moving forward?

Because almost everything Aguirre touches is preceded by a press conference, and later turns into our own little version of a BritCom, important, legitimate issues such as the airspace intrusion at Montgomery remain unresolved. It’s a shoddy way to do things and it’s embarrassing to most of us who live and/or work in San Diego.

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