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Sunroad spokeswoman Karen Hutchens just forwarded this statement regarding Aguirre’s proposal to have the city remove portions of the company’s controversial building that violate the Federal Aviation Administration’s height limit:

“The City of San Diego has no right, legal or otherwise, to enter Sunroad’s property for the purpose of “deconstructing” a portion of the building as advocated by the City Attorney today. Setting aside the fact that the building he proposes to tear down was constructed under building permits the City issued, Mr. Aguirre would do well to bear in mind that there is pending litigation which he initiated and which is the proper forum for resolving this dispute. The issues between Sunroad and the City will be decided in a court of law, and not through the City Attorney’s self-aggrandizing media campaign or his call for tactics trampling on Sunroad’s Constitutional right to due process of law.”


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