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Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2007 | Thank you for your piece on affordable condos offered downtown — it is all I think about these days! I’m ready to take ownership of my first home thanks to CCDC and the San Diego Housing Commission. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and fortunate to have qualified for assistance. It is not only a blessing for me, but it allows other members of my family to move up too.

I agree that inclusionary housing means that buyers should not be singled out. While I’m thrilled about the program and don’t mind sharing with friends and family, what about my neighbors? We affordable buyers have been introduced to each other as such and will all live in close proximity. It’s perfectly reasonable to assume that neighbors want their financial affairs kept private.

The affordable housing program has made a huge difference in my life, and everyone involved in the process has treated me with the utmost respect. While qualifying for the unit was no small feat, I’m finally about to close escrow! I can’t fool myself that it will all be smooth sailing from here, though. In preparation for the move I have paid down my debts and follow a tight budget, building funds for unforeseen expenses. I may also take on additional part-time work to be safe. However, a major homeowners association assessment could still wipe me out. Wouldn’t sliding scale HOA dues and assessments be fair? Just as two income households might divide expenses in proportion to earnings, fees based on purchase price would divide expenses without creating extreme hardship for any one tenant.

I’m happy to see a statewide discussion underway, and will follow AB 952 closely. Homeownership is still a smart choice, even for those of us in need of assistance. I hope to participate and share this perspective with my HOA board, and urge developers to take these considerations into account in planning building projects.

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