I think I and others were shaken to hear this morning that they were asking everyone north of Highway 56, south of Lake Hodges and east of Interstate 5 to evacuate. That’s a big area, to say the least.

I just talked to county Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister. He lives in Loma Santa Fe in Solana Beach east of I-5. So he’s in that area.

He said he had the family ready and the car packed. He said he’s been impressed with how much information has come out and how well it is being communicated by local officials. But he was somewhat unsure, as I’m sure many are, where exactly the northern border to this gigantic evacuation area is. Lake Hodges, after all, doesn’t extend to the coast.

“Nobody’s quite sure how far north the demarcation line is,” McAllister said.

He said he has noticed that the pieces of ash falling from the sky seem to be getting larger. He worried that indicated the winds were pushing the fire closer to the coast.

If these fires blazed paths to the coast, we’re in for an extraordinary catastrophe.


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