Saturday, Nov. 17, 2007 | I just wanted to provide an update of the Museum School situation. Our school director, Phil Beaumont, was given 10 minutes to present to the Museum Board on Wednesday before the board made the final decision about housing the Museum School.

Most of the board members are new and know little, if anything, about the wonderful, alternative school that their imaginative predecessors created for the children of San Diego.

Phil was told later in the day that the board would not make a decision because they lacked information. This is curious because they have stymied most attempts at communication between the school and themselves. Since it is not information from the school that they desire, one wonders, what information are they lacking?

The school has bent over backwards to accommodate the needs of the museum; however, it would appear that the board members have their sights on the space that was designed for and promised to the school and children.

The president of the Board of Directors of the museum (who has at least had the courage to communicate with the school) suggested to the parents recently that the museum can make better use of the space by renting it out to La Jolla Country Day. I have nothing against LCD, however the statement displays the hubris of this board to think that the people of San Diego would stand idle while their children were evicted from their museum and were to be replaced by children of the privileged.

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