Thursday, Jan. 24, 2008 | You editorialized “San Diego School District Budget Future Looks Bleak.” It certainly does! It is going to take public will to improve California public education funding from being close to the bottom of all the states in our country. We either educate students adequately so they can become productive students or we pay larger amounts when they are grown to prisons, rehab centers and to adults on welfare.

On February 15th at 11:30 at Tom Ham’s Restaurant, two of the most knowledgeable people in San Diego County on events occurring in Sacramento – Former State Senator Dede Alpert, co-chair of the Governor’s Committee on Excellence in Education, and County Superintendent Randolph Ward, a member of the Committee – will be addressing the question “Can California Schools Do Better?” To make reservations for the luncheon, call the League of Women Voters of San Diego.

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