The Museum School, a pint-sized charter school that feared closure after losing an expected spot in the newly-built Children’s Museum, plans to double in size to pay rent on its current Bankers Hill location. The school will likely add three more grades — kindergarten through second grade — to bolster its enrollment, bringing more student-attendance funds to the school.

The planned shift would increase the school’s enrollment from 80 to 160 students.

School director Phil Beaumont said efforts to find another downtown location, a key part of the school’s original vision, had been stymied by the price of downtown buildings. Beaumont recently spoke to the Centre City Development Corp.’s downtown education task force, which has pushed for more school options for families downtown, and explained the difficulties that prevented the charter school from moving there.

Charter schools can help provide those options, Beaumont said, “but for that to happen, there’s got to be some help, financially.”

The Bankers Hill location was supposed to just be a transition for the school as it moved out of the old Children’s Museum and awaiting the opening of the new one.

As the school looks at its current building, rented from Congregation Ohr Shalom as a long-term home, Beaumont and other staff have worked to revamp the school, repainting and remodeling the facility.

“It’s raised our spirits,” Beaumont said. “… It’s home now.”


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