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Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2008 | I see that San Francisco voters approved a DROP program for their police officers during this past election cycle. Even with all the negative publicity about these programs, the voters realized they must compete in the marketplace. The program, designed to counter their growing problems associated with retention, attrition and recruiting differs from the San Diego program in several ways: High level police administrators are not allowed to participate. Higher ranks may participate but for limited periods. And, the line level police officers, the ones doing work, must leave the program after three years, not five like San Diego’s.

Mayor Sanders should examine the San Francisco model before deciding to unilaterally eliminate the DROP program. In my mind, negotiation is always preferable to litigation. In a time when there is substantial competition for qualified recruits, San Diego must remain competitive. If not, the city will become a training ground for law enforcement agencies all over the state.

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