Childhood Lead Poisoning is a HUGE Problem in the city of San Diego.  About 100 children are exposed to lead every month primarily from lead-based paint and dust in their homes.  We urge the city of San Diego to support the Children’s Right to Lead-Safe Ordinance on March 11. The goal is to create opportunities to make homes lead-safe over time. As time goes by more and more children are being lead poisoned. We cannot tolerate this any longer!

Lead poisoning is the number one environmental health threat to children under 6 years old. It can damage the central nervous system, resulting in reduced IQ, learning disabilities, behavior problems, hyperactivity and increased aggression. But childhood lead poisoning is also the most preventable environmental disease among young children.

Thank you very much for this opportunity to discuss this very important community issue.  Please visit EHC’s website for more information on the lead ordinance.


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