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I’ve been waiting for a few days to get a definitive answer as to where the photo on the homepage of Jan Goldsmith’s election campaign website was taken:

We’d thought it looked like Del Mar, not San Diego.

John Hoy, Goldsmith’s campaign manager, told me a couple of days ago that the photo, which features Goldsmith standing, arms folded, in front of a beautiful beach, is actually an amalgam of two photos. Goldsmith was superimposed onto the photo, he said. He wasn’t sure which beach was in the photo, however, but he thought it was Torrey Pines.

Well, last night, facing horrendous traffic on the freeway, I diverted off Interstate 5 and drove north up the coast road to Encinitas on my way home.

As I drove north, out of Del Mar and into Solana Beach, I looked left and spotted Jan Goldsmith’s beach.

I can now definitively state that the photo on Goldsmith’s home page is actually in North Del Mar and not in the city of San Diego.

That’s an interesting choice of photo for someone who’s running to be the city attorney of San Diego. Maybe Jan might want to head down to the beach this weekend and get a new shot — maybe on Mission Beach? Just don’t bring a beer with you, Jan.


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