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Thursday, April 24, 2008 | Re: Airport Authority Meeting: Sessom Walk-Out

I don’t know Mary Sessom, so this may be unfair, but it seems to me that her walkout represents everything that’s been wrong with San Diego planning for decades:

1.) She resigns because the appointed committee member is not a bureaucrat. Everyone knows that government employees have all the good ideas; that they’re the only people who know anything about planning; that people in the private sector can’t possibly contribute anything substantive.

2.) She resigns because another committee member seems biased toward the most logical idea yet put forth in the whole Lindbergh Field discussion.

C’mon, Mary. Peace has already paid his dues and gone through his initiation. He advocated for another bureaucracy, the Airport Authority itself, when San Diego and California already had enough government agencies to choke a horse. City, County, Port, Coastal Commission, Sandag… how many more overlapping institutions do we need?

Now Peace is advocating something that is completely logical, and you walk out?

Guess that logically follows.

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