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Friday, April 25, 2008 | “The Webster Way.” What a great story!

The value of teaching elementary school kids good manners along with positive life skills is long overdue. At any age, role playing is a highly productive educational tool.

I commend Ms. Alpert for reporting this success story. And my sincere appreciation is extended to Ms. White, principal of Webster School and the rest of the Webster faculty for implementing this very positive learning program. “May Your Tribe Increase.”

My own elementary school years, more than 55 years ago, remains a constant pleasure in my mind. Lots of role playing. I have many fond memories of Bay View Terrace Elementary School. Back during those years, we were all housing project kids. Most of our parents never completed high school. But thanks to many positive factors coming into play, many kids who attended Bay View Terrace later graduated from State College (SDSU). And some of their children now have Ph.D’s. Oh sure, a few of my former classmates became drunken sods. Stuff happens.

Today, I live (as the crow flies) two blocks from my former elementary school — which just goes to show how far I’ve come in life.

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