Wednesday, April 30, 2008 | According to the article by Steve Schmidt in the San Diego Union-Tribune on April 24, 2008, John Moores, (former chairman of bankrupt and scandal-tainted Peregrine Systems, now “downtown developer” and owner of the Padres), funds the California Independent Voter Project, a “nonprofit think tank” whose chairman, Steve Peace (CEO of Killer Tomatoes Entertainment, termed-out California State Assemblyman, Gray Davis’s Director of the California Department of Finance, author of California’s electricity deregulation bill, and lobbyist), was appointed to the Ad Hoc Airport Regional Policy Committee by Mayor Jerry Sanders.

Thereupon Mary Sessom, Chairwoman of the San Diego Association of Governments, walked off the committee, claiming that “the appointment threatens to taint the work of the… committee because Peace is lobbying officials to build a massive terminal and transportation hub on Lindbergh Field’s north side… ‘This process needs to be open and transparent,’ Sessom said. ‘I think this appointment makes that much more difficult.’” Now there’s an understatement.

As Don Bauder writes on February 11 of this year, “I understand that through Steve Peace, Moores is making sure the airport expansion is a mess. He has big plans there.”

Short version: Jerry Sanders appoints Steve Peace, who is funded by John Moores, to sit on the Airport Policy Committee. Mary Sessom walks out in protest. Sanders says, “I don’t think it’s her role to tell me who [sic] to appoint to represent the city of San Diego.” No, but it is our role as voters to elect an appointer with the people’s—not the developers’—interests at heart.

What more do San Diegans need to prove that Steve Francis is the only hope for a city government that will serve the interests of the people of the city? The alternative is the status quo, an oligarchy of in-crowd developers who for decades have been abusing the purposes of government and robbing the public coffers to fill their own pockets.

I am not opposed to free enterprise or to appropriate development. I am opposed to graft, corruption, politico self-interest, and the reign of greed.

The citizens of San Diego, including the members of all building trades and unions, will, I hope, vote for Francis because he will treat all with integrity and fairness under the law and for the good of the citizens and their city.

What responsible citizen, even one whose self-interest depended on big developers or big unions, would chose to leave the city government in the hands of the purveyors of predatory greed and their elected acolytes?

Steve Francis cannot be bought. Of what mayor in the last two decades could that be honestly said?

A vote for Sanders is a vote for Steve Peace, for John Moores, for deepening debt, and for developer handouts. A vote for Steve Francis is a vote for integrity, hard but salutary financial decisions, and transparency.

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