The Whole Story, which existed briefly as a section of county Supervisor Bill Horn’s website, has been taken down. columnist Seth Hettena discussed the blog in his column today.

The section of Horn’s website was a repository for Horn and his staff to berate local media outlets for their coverage and to post what they considered corrections of local news stories about the supervisor. In one long essay, John Culea, Horn’s spokesman, fumed about the state of the media today, taking specific aim at blogs, which he labeled a “journalistic plague.”

Culea said the content has been moved from the section called The Whole Story, to a different blog-like section of the site called “For the Record.”

“We thought ‘For the Record’ was a better reflection of what we wanted to do,” Culea said. “It’s impossible really to give the whole story.”

Update: Just because “The Whole Story” is dead, doesn’t mean something like it isn’t necessary. Case in point: We incorrectly identified John Culea as Horn’s chief of staff in the original version of this post. We regret the error.


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