The Reader followed up on our story about Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, and the complications that arise when students have trouble transferring out of the elective class. (And they even gave us kudos.)

You might remember that Mission Bay High School Principal Cheryl Seelos ran afoul of the law by disclosing confidential medical information to about a student while defending the JROTC program at her school to According to the Reader, that misstep has spurred a district-wide gag order for instructors and administrators commenting on JROTC.

[San Diego Unified spokesman Jack] Brandais says the gag order will remain until completion of the school district’s independent investigation on the policies of the military science program as well as the actions taken by school administrators in response to the mounting opposition. “We’re hoping to have the review completed by the end of the school year,” he says. “If it goes beyond the end of the school year, we have telephone numbers to contact parents and students. If parents want to contact the staff, they can call the office of Nellie Meyer, assistant superintendent for high schools.”


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