San Diego City Council yesterday approved an interim ordinance that restricts building heights in the uptown neighborhoods of Hillcrest, Mission Hills and Bankers Hill.

The ordinance limits building heights to 65 feet in Hillcrest, 50 feet in Mission Hills and requires a discretionary review before buildings taller than 65 feet can be built in Bankers Hill. It will be in effect for 30 months or until a new Uptown Community Plan is completed.

It is a victory for the Uptown Interim Height Ordinance Independent Task Force, a community group that has been fighting plans for high-rise buildings in the area since City Council approved the 12-story 301 University condo building in 2006.

“It was a fantastic day,” said John Taylor, a member of the task force. “We worked two-plus years on this — and when we started we didn’t think we had a chance of getting this passed.”

The council vote was 6-1 in favor, with Councilman Jim Madaffer voting no.


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