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Friday, July 18, 2008 | San Diego Unified School District legal counsel Jose Gonzales must have been in a hurry to start his vacation when he advised the Board of Education trustees about meeting in a closed door session about Luis Acle.

I recently got a letter from him myself. As a child protection advocate, I wrote to Superintendent Terry Grier about my concerns about the “closed practice” policy by Serra High School coaches. Recent reports of teachers and coaches victimizing the students that they are supposed to protect made me question this dangerous policy. Legal counsel Jose Gonzalez answered for Dr. Terry Grier. The “district does not have any specific policies concerning closed practices. Generally, it is at the coach’s discretion whether practices are to be opened or closed.” Prohibiting parents from practices removes a vital child protection measure.

Teenagers are no match for a manipulative, experienced adult with harmful intentions. The safety and welfare of our children should be a top priority for Dr. Grier.

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