At the end of last year, I did a Q&A with University of California, San Diego researcher Steffanie Strathdee. She had just completed a study about sex workers in Tijuana. We talked about the growing rate of HIV infections in the region as well as Prevencasa, an organization that distributes condoms, HIV testing and free needles.

“What we’re seeing in Tijuana is the edge of an emerging HIV epidemic,” Strathdee told me at the time. “And, if we don’t do something about it — not just as individuals, but as a society, as a border community on both sides — then we’re going to be paying the price.”

I just stumbled upon a recent Washington Post video that details some of Prevencasa’s work. It also led me to the Post‘s “A Virus Without Borders” hot topics page, which has all kinds of resources to understand AIDS as it relates to cross-border culture and immigration. Here’s the video.


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