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City Councilwoman Donna Frye called with an update on the mysterious waste washing up at Fiesta Island. The lab reports she was waiting for continued to show elevated bacteria levels. They didn’t diagnose what the mysterious blobs are.

Frye said she’ll continue to try to determine what’s been washing up.

“I’ve still never seen anything that resembles this,” Frye said. “Not that I’ve ever seen the inside of a septic system. But I’m going to keep doing some more hunting and gathering.”

The bacteria levels have led the county to continue expanding water access closures, which are now in effect in the following areas: Between the east Mission Bay boat dock and Vacation Isle, Ski Beach, swimming beaches at De Anza Cove, Campland on the Bay, north Crown Point, Visitor’s Center beach and Leisure Lagoon.

Photographer Sam Hodgson called in to say that all of the blobs have been cleaned off of Fiesta Island’s shores. He is headed to City Hall to photograph the blob that Frye and her chief of staff collected.

It’s in a gift bag.


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