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The state Department of Water Resources today reaffirmed its promise to provide 15 percent of the water requested from the Sacramento Delta by cities and water wholesalers.

Agencies each year request water from the state, which projects how much of the demand it can meet. The state’s initial estimate this year was 15 percent. Typically, that increases as snowstorms hit the state. Not this year.

That’s important for San Diego, which gets about 30 percent of its water from the Sacramento Delta, the 738,000-acre wetland that funnels Sierra Nevada snowmelt toward San Francisco Bay.

There’s a nugget of good news there n the state didn’t decrease the estimate, which had worried officials at the San Diego County Water Authority.

But it’s still troublesome. The authority said in a news release today that holding to 15 percent increased the likelihood of water cuts this summer, unless the state experiences “a very wet spring.”


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