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On Monday, we ran a story that looked into how the city has issued surf camp permits at La Jolla Shores, and what appears to have been an accommodation made for one surf instruction company outside of the city’s formal bidding process. The article has elicited a pretty strong response from readers and residents of La Jolla Shores. Over the last day, the e-mail inboxes of city officials have filled with letters decrying the secrecy with which the city appears to have handled to the whole thing.

Here’s part of a letter to councilmember Sherri Lightner, written by La Jolla resident Brian Canino:

I find it appalling that (Menehune Surf owner Darren) Fulhorst cannot get straight, honest answers to his questions regarding the permits that were issued for the surf sites at La Jolla shores. People that use the excuse that they just can’t remember because it was ‘so long ago’ is pathetic. Our city needs to retain a competitive environment for the surf camps, and the present path (3 permits for Surf Diva and only one for Menehune, along with no explanation for why there were 5 permits issued in 2005 and only 4 issued in 2008) clearly does not do that. The arrogant attitude of back-room deals favoring a specific ‘client’ that plague our state and federal governments should not be accepted here in La Jolla …

City government operations and decisions should be completely transparent. There is nothing that happens at the city government level that should be hidden from the general public. If city officials feel a need to hide their decision-making processes, then they apparently feel guilty about their decisions and should seriously reconsider the choices they are making.

Please endeavor to provide Mr. Fulhorst with the information he has requested. In addition, please provide Menehune Surf Camp with a second permit to operate at La Jolla Shores.

And just in case you were wondering, Darren Fulhorst is, in fact, the brother of Stacey Fulhorst, the San Diego Ethics Commission’s executive director.


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