The Centre City Development Corp. has released a 70-page staff report for the City Council hearing on Sept. 21 on the proposed Civic Center. That day council is scheduled to discuss entering into an exclusive negotiation agreement with Portland-based developer Gerding Edlen for $700,000. The agreement would set terms and a price tag for the project.

Here is a copy of the report. We’re hoping you can help us analyze it and give us some questions, comments or concerns. E-mail me at, tweet me or publish your comments in The Hall blog if you’re not there already.

Update: There have been some requests to post attachments to the Civic Center staff report. Since the appendices start with “A” and end with “JJ” they are too numerous to upload. Helpfully, the Centre City Development Corp. has them all linked on their homepage. You can find the attachment you want here.


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