Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2009 | Solution: just put a “photo enforcement” camera on every corner, and “click” our way out of the financial crisis.

Here is how it goes: There are always 500,000 cars driving around San Diego. And .. we know all these drivers do something illegal in the course of an hour or a week or a month. At $350 per ticket, that is $175,000,000 in six months minimum.

Budget problem solved! In the course of a day, I see just most drivers: text or phone, run a light or stop sign, make an illegal turn, speed, not buckle up, etc.

Leave the cameras up for 5 years and we will have a huge budget surplus. We did not have this technology in 1984, but today “Big Brother” could indeed be our financial savior!

Note from Your Friendly Web Editor: Hey Terry, Wonder if the city is already on to your idea? Click.

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