As many as four times a day, Jeff Skowron plays a character who can be described in three words: “Stink. Stank. Stunk.”

No, it’s not your boss. (Good guess, though.) Skowron’s alter ego is the Grinch.

Yes, that Grinch, the Dr. Seuss creation who appears on TV screens every Christmas and, with help from the subject of this month’s “People at Work” series, on stage at the Old Globe Theatre.

Our reporter Kelly Bennett tagged along with Skowron as he got ready to leap, scowl, screech and annoy all those Whos in Who-ville. We learn about the stunt that terrified Skowron, the thrill of performing in San Diego and the color of his wig (it’s a green one, not a mean one).

Bennett, a self-described “big holiday junkie,” was inspired to write this story after a couple of our staffers raved about the Old Globe show. It’s not her first time writing a holiday-themed profile: check this one about a Christmas tree farmer.

  • With hardly a protest in its ranks, the San Diego City Council yesterday voted 7-1 to approve a budget that should carry the city halfway through 2011. In total, 200 positions are history. That is, on paper. But it’s much more complicated, and a union official accuses the city of not acting in good faith. The council did save the jobs of a horticulturalist and administrative assistant. 
  • Dwayne Crenshaw, a familiar name in San Diego’s political world, is out as head of a coalition of southeastern San Diego community groups. No one’s saying why. 
  • Our education reporter has been posting live updates from school district budget meetings. As this post shows, one student walked up to the microphone last night and went off topic: “‘My name is Stone and I speak French and I want the bullies to stop,’ a child says. Mom adds, ‘That wasn’t what he was supposed to say.’”
  • In commentary, Scott Lewis is furiously banging at his keyboard — we’re amazed it’s survived all the abuse it gets — after finishing our website redesign. He examines talk about funding a new football stadium and wonders if those who pony up (like, say, the public) should get a stake in the whole shebang.
  • Well, here’s a career first: Yesterday, I asked an ex-judge whether there was any truth behind old solicitation-of-prostitution charges against him. The question came in an interview for a story about the long history of local recall elections. You’ll have to click on the story link to see how he responded.
  • Our Photo of the Day is another, less-mysterious look at that red-hatted guy. The subject’s walrus moustache inspires today’s photo soundtrack, a cover by Bono. It’s a Two-Fer Thursday, so we’ve got the original too. 


  • The U-T says it was hard to figure out yesterday where a federal appeals court stands on the Mt. Soledad cross case. We checked in on a possibly related case a couple months ago. 
  • Remember our Petty Watch and Pudgil Watch stories? CityBeat does, and it’s launched its own Watchdog Watch. It’s the opposite of a countdown (a count-up?).
  • Finally, the LAT says Chihuahuas are flooding animal shelters in San Diego and elsewhere across the state. “The dazzle wears off,” says one animal advocate. 

Yeah, but what about the razzle?


Dagny Salas

Dagny Salas was web editor at Voice of San Diego from 2010 to 2013. She was an investigative fellow at VOSD from 2009 to 2010.

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