Responses continue to trickle in from San Diego City Council members on their budgets.

Recall that council members had pledged to reduce their budgets to help offset the city’s $200 million deficit. Council members Sherri Lightner, Kevin Faulconer and Tony Young cut their budgets last year and most other council members had said they would lower their budgets by about $30,000 each. Council President Ben Hueso and Councilman Todd Gloria told me last week they would keep their promises.

Also, I received e-mails on Friday from Councilwomen Marti Emerald and Donna Frye’s offices. They both told me they have returned unspent money from their own budgets to the city’s day-to-day operating budget this year. In an unusual move, Frye has decided to spend some of her office’s money to pay for an employee outside her office, an administrative position in the City Clerk’s Office to deal with compliance on open-meetings law.

But Emerald and Frye’s actions are not budget reductions because they haven’t cut the money that’s allocated to them at the beginning of each year. Other offices have lowered that amount.

I followed up with both Emerald and Frye’s offices to see if they would make budget reductions and will post that information if I hear back from them. Councilman Carl DeMaio’s Office told me they would answer my question about his budget today.

So far council members have cut or re-pledged $84,486 of the $148,486 they told me they would cut in November.


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