Sometimes I miss things in Bright and Early. It’s true. Find something big that I skipped? Don’t hesitate to send it to me at And now for your newsblitz:

  • Should lunchtime be brought to schools by Kraft? We blog on a school board discussion over where ads could fit in schools — if at all. We also blog on how San Diego Unified will seek a superintendent minus a professional headhunter. And if you want more gory details from the meeting, check out my Twitter feed.
  • The Union-Tribune reports on early surveys for a parcel tax for San Diego Unified schools, which show that a temporary tax could garner nearly enough support to pass. After we blogged about some of those findings earlier this week, the county Taxpayers Association chief sent us this letter questioning whether the data is solid.
  • San Diego Unified leaders have said that the schools still aren’t out of Race to the Top, even though they didn’t join the California bid for the money. Is that true? Well, mostly. It’s the newest from our Fact Check blog.
  • My esteemed coworker Adrian Florido looks at where the world champion Chula Vista Little Leaguers are headed now. That is, which high schools they’re headed to now. Private schools might suddenly be in reach.
  • Poway is putting more security gates on elementary schools, the North County Times reports.
  • Oops: San Ysidro schools gave a girl a swine flu shot against her parents’ wishes, the Union-Tribune writes. On the upside, the Centers for Disease Control say she’s protected from H1N1 now.
  • The San Jose Mercury News reports on the disappearance of small classes during the budget crunch.
  • Well, this is unusual: The Fresno school district is launching its own nonprofit to start a charter school, the Bee reports. Charters are ordinarily started by other groups and given minimal oversight by school districts. Employees are worried that it’s a gambit to avoid union hiring rules. 
  • The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Gov. Schwarzenegger’s pledge to give more money to higher education than to prisons was denounced by the independent budget analyst as “ill-conceived.”
  • Education is one of the few areas that will grow in an otherwise austere federal budget, the Washington Post reports. President Obama is expected to announce the spending in his State of the Union speech tonight. Eduflack takes his own crack at writing the speech; Edspresso blogs on what you won’t hear.
  • Education Week zeroes in on how all those Race to the Top applications are being judged. Eduwonk blogs about the arguments for and against keeping the judges secret — at least for now.
  • Also in the NYT: If kids play before lunch, they eat better and behave better. Thanks to a reader for sending this my way!


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