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Good morning from Point Loma.

  • We’ll lead off this morning with hints at the bankruptcy restructuring plan in the city of Vallejo. Pension uber-blogger Ed Mendel reports that Vallejo looks to be going after retiree health benefits, but is not touching pensions. That helps back up those who argue bankruptcy is not for San Diego and its huge pension liability.
  • City Attorney Jan Goldsmith reiterated his opposition to bankruptcy in an interview on KPBS yesterday morning.
  • We continue to add to our special report on the county’s social service programs. We have more details on the study that underpinned our reporting as well as a Fact Check on how hard it is to be poor here.
  • Thirteen years in the making, the city finally appears to be getting ready to study a controversial retirement benefit.
  • Crowds lined up to see the city’s police horses, which are being auctioned because of the city’s budget cuts.
  • Mayor Jerry Sanders’ statement about a city-created nonprofit’s “virtual monopoly” on city information technology services gets a “Barely True” from our Fact Check blog.
  • San Diego County lags in returning tax money to residents who overpaid.
  • The San Diego County Taxpayers Association criticized Oceanside for not being tougher on reducing pension costs in a new study.
  • The builder of an NFL stadium project in Los Angeles is targeted by a watchdog group for his state campaign contributions.
  • Last, we’ll come full circle on bankruptcy. San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio was on Fox Business Channel this morning talking about why the city shouldn’t file:


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