In our story today, we took a look at what some local web startups are doing to make it work in this economy.

The company we focused on was co-founded by two guys named Jimmy Hendricks and Patrick Dillon.

When I went over to their office — they work out of Hendricks’ North Park apartment — I had to ask about Hendricks’ name.

Hendricks said he’s actually James Hendricks Jr. He keeps a Jimi Hendrix bobblehead on his desk and his birthday is November 28th — one day after Hendrix’s. But he doesn’t have any special affinity for him and prefers music like Coldplay.

Still, Hendricks said it’s probably the No. 1 thing he gets asked about.

“Probably like every day is ‘Do you hear, do you get asked about your name a lot?’” Hendricks said. “If I had five sales call in a day, I’ll get asked four times unless I’ve talked to them before.”


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