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I asked last week for your help in identifying the plants growing on the new slopes created by a new 3.5-mile section of border fence separating San Diego and Tijuana. You responded. Thanks for that.

One thing is for sure: There’s a lot of grass growing. Exactly what type isn’t yet obvious.

But some of the plants have been identified. And some are native.

Cindy Burrascano, a past president of the San Diego chapter of the California Native Plant Society, told me in an e-mail that she saw goldfields, a native plant, in the pictures we published, as well as an Italian thistle. She said the latter is “a non-native species that is highly invasive but in that sea of grass, I am not sure it matters.”

Bill Harris, spokesman for the city of San Diego’s storm water department, said the city’s staff experts also saw goldfields and golden yarrow, another native.


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