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The Union-Tribune ran this obituary of Jackson Hom today. Hom was a Chinese immigrant and part owner of Point Loma’s popular China Land restaurant from the 1950s to the early 1970s. During the next decade he opened two of his own Chinese restaurants and became active in funding San Diego’s Chinese community.

In an obituary last week, I wrote about Hom’s relationship with food and his dedication to his work and community. His family said that dedication was just part of who he was, whether he was working at his restaurant until 4 a.m. or sitting and waiting for a date with the woman he’d eventually marry, even though she was four hours late.

I enjoyed an anecdote that the U-T dug up. He instructed his son to open his restaurant on Christmas Day, knowing there might not be another place for people who didn’t celebrate the holiday to have a meal.


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