After I wrote yesterday about a handful of local restaurants that are expanding , we asked on Twitter what your theories were about why they might be able to do so.

Some of you responded with your ideas:

@57DegreesWine said: “Smaller venues with entrees under $20.”

@jpowell80 said: “the new jobs bill…..”

@ebruvold said: “In all likelihood because the biggest fixed expense (rent) is low as commercial vacency is high. Also though article… didn’t get into it, cash is king right now so if they didn’t have to take out small biz loans much easier.

Some of the restaurant owners I spoke to did mention the affordability of their menu contributing to their recent success.

In the story, Scott Watkins, co-owner of Urban Solace said:

“The first thing to go is going out when the disposable income isn’t there,” Watkins said. “We got our name out there before the market took a dive (and) our sales increased because people weren’t going to super expensive steak restaurants.”

What other reasons do you think there? What are some other restaurants which you’ve seen do well and expand? Leave your thoughts in the comments or e-mail me


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