Every Thursday in Credentialed, we turn to readers to provide us the most intelligent, funny or interesting captions for our Photo of the Day.

Today’s image is pulled from our archive. I took this picture while hunting for feature photos in 2008. Share your best caption in the comments section of this post, or drop a message on Facebook or Twitter.

Now, here are some of our favorite captions from last week’s photo — an image of police Chief Bill Lansdowne, Mayor Jerry Sanders and a phantom hand.

Jason Everitt posted this in the comments section on our Facebook page:

Sorry Mayor, I’ve delegated my handshaking responsibilities to a lieutenant these days. It frees up more time for more head-nodding, shrugging, and the occasional chest bump.

In the comments section of the blog post, Rick Dieterle wrote this:

Chief: Jerry, this is Carl from forensics. He just got done processing the double homicide at the sewage facility. Still out of gloves Carl?
Sanders: Nice to, uh, meet you. Sorry, but I just sneezed in my hand.

Geoff Patnoe e-mailed in this suggestion:

I guess it’s true what they say….. Carl DeMaio would give his right arm to be Mayor

And former voiceofsandiego.org reporter Will Carless chimed in on Facebook from Indonesia. In a veiled reference to articles he wrote in 2007 about the chief presenting incorrect crime statistics to the City Council, Carless writes:

Chief: I don’t know about you, Mr. Mayor, but I can see six fingers.

Mayor (Laughing) Come on, there are only five, clearly.

Chief: Six.


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